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About Abbotsford:
With over 140,000 full time residents, Abbotsford is one of the largest cities outside of the Greater Vancouver Area in all of BC. With stunning view of Mt. Baker in the US, and surrounded by picturesque mountains, Abbotsford is also home to the third highest proportion of visible minorities. This fact means that the needs of the borrowing population are diverse and may use many different programs. Historic Downtown Abbotsford has been revitalized and retains much of the character of its former quaint faming town. While food processing and agriculture always have played a role in the economy, the trend into construction, development, and manufacturing is well underway. The cost of living is far lower than in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Refinancing Experts:
Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker at City Wide Mortgage Services is an expert at refinancing. Whether you need access to a private mortgage, equity mortgage, or self employed mortgage in Chilliwack BC, Rowan can help. Abbotsford is close enough to the big city of Vancouver that it is eligible for all primary lending programs and extended lending programs. If you need access to capital out of your Abbotsford BC home, Rowan can help.

Test Us Out:
We can go on and on about how good Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker is, but why not just test him out yourself? Give Rowan a call at 604-657-775 and see how his over 20 years of experience will allow him to clearly explain your options, in plain English, without industry jargon.

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