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Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker - City Wide Mortgage Services

Equity Mortgage | Debt Consolidation | Self Employed Mortgage

Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker - City Wide Mortgage Services serves clients in Vancouver BC, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Coquitlam and the surrounding areas.

About Rowan Smith

Mortgage Broker In Vancouver, BC

Rowan has been in banking and brokering for 21 years, and an independent broker for 11 years. Rowan co-owns City Wide Mortgage Services with my 3 business partners.

In addition to straight forward home purchases, Rowan specializes in more complex transactions such as construction, private lending, commercial, and debt restructuring while in foreclosure.

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  • Achieve Tailored Mortgage Solutions

  • Unlock Competitive Mortgage Rates

  • Seamless Mortgage Approval Process

Achieve Tailored Mortgage Solutions

Achieve Tailored Mortgage Solutions

Experience personalized mortgage plans crafted to fit your unique financial landscape, ensuring a hassle-free home buying process.

"Rowan Smith was my mortgage broker while I bought my first home, and was extremely professional and helpful, guiding me through the process and helping me get a better rate than I was able to find elsewhere. I was very happy with the service and would highly recommend him!"

Nik Brownlee

Unlock Competitive Mortgage Rates

Unlock Competitive Mortgage Rates

Through our vast network and industry relationships, ensure you get the most competitive rates available.

"I've used Rowan for 3 or 4 of my last mortgages and I cannot say enough good things about him. He's always hunting and negotiating for the best rates and is careful to find terms that best suit my needs at the time. His lengthy experience in the mortgage industry allows him to get approvals in that may prove difficult for other brokers and he's always on top of the situation."

Luke Makar

Seamless Mortgage Approval Process

Seamless Mortgage Approval Process

Delight in a streamlined mortgage approval process, ensuring swift and efficient transactions every step of the way.

"Rowan was great! He made himself available after hours which helped so much in urgent situations, continually kept his eyes on the market to push for lower rates on our behalf, and was super generous to reimburse our appraisal fee."

Jessica Kwok

  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Rowan Smith Is a Licensed Sub Mortgage Broker under the Brokerage - City Wide Mortgage Services

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