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About White Rock:
White Rock BC is often considered the jewel location in the Fraser Valley. Located on the steep hills looking out over the Pacific Ocean, White Rock BC is home to some amazing (and expensive) waterfront homes. With a population of 20,000 residents, they are spoiled with access to the famous White Rock Pier and beach. Let’s not forget the huge iconic “White Rock” that can be seen and climbed on at the beach! Largely developed and having benefitted from density and regentrification of the historic downtown core, White Rock is the goal of many BC residents to live close to the ocean but still have access to all of a larger city’s amenities.

Financing High End Waterfront Real Estate:
As White Rock BC is home to some of the more expensive real estate in the Fraser Valley, you need a broker that is used to working with borrowers in this area. Often wealthy self employed borrowers will require a self employed mortgage, equity mortgage solution, or private mortgage solution. Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker offers a full range of Mortgage Services in White Rock BC.

Tired of Impersonal Treatment?
Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker gives all clients his direct access and personal attention. You won’t be dealing with an “underling” or some other lesser skilled / experienced broker. You won’t be farmed out to a junior employee. You will work with Rowan directly and have access to him 7 days a week. It’s time to learn what working with a professional feels like. Give Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker a call for all your mortgage service needs in White Rock BC at 604-657-6775.

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