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About Yaletown:
Yaletown BC was the original terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway, but has seen significant growth and redevelopment dating back to 1986. Originally just industrial lands and old warehouses, it was reimagined after Expo 86. Many of the original warehouse district areas were preserved and the centre of Yaletown BC is now full of high end condos, rustic but refurbished warehouse, high end stores, restaurants, and clubs. It is the jewel of the downtown core of Vancouver.

Financing Small Condos:
For any condominium under 600 square feet, the banks have a very different set of rules. Some banks just won’t touch them, and others will limit the amount they’ll lend against it. As the density in the downtown core increases, more and more smaller and smaller units are being built. Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker is very experienced in smaller condos and getting financing on them. Even if you need a private mortgage solution, equity mortgage solution, or self employed mortgage solution, Rowan can help. Yaletown BC also had a lot of “leaky condos” back in the 90s and early 2000s and Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker can help you navigate which buildings to buy in, and which to avoid.

Service Born of Experience:
Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker knows that people want to deal with HIM, not his staff. Like you, when referred to a professional, he wants to deal WITH the professional, not someone on their “team.” With Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker you get direct access to him, 7 days a week, on his cell phone, so that you’re able to negotiate when you’re out shopping for houses: likely the evening and weekend. Don’t tolerate slow turn arounds and slow answers. Given Rowan a call today at 604-657-6775.

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