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About Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker - City Wide Mortgage Services

I am an experienced mortgage broker, and I specialize in equity mortgages, debt consolidation, and self-employed mortgages primarily for residential purposes. City Wide Mortgage Services is owned by four partners, of which I am one. Initially, around twenty-one years ago, the brokerage was founded by two friends, who brought in a third partner a few years later.

In 2012, another broker and I joined in as partners, and the company became a five-person ownership group. However, around eight years ago, one of our partners retired, and our firm was reduced to four owners.

Today, under our brokerage, we have forty employees and brokers in total, assisting clients throughout British Columbia and the Greater Vancouver Area. While we operate through a storefront location in Vancouver, BC, most of our brokers are mobile to customers and are available seven days a week.

Over the years, we have grown into a mature business that continues to develop every year. We recently went fully independent and are no longer part of a particular “super broker” network. We have also started using new software to manage our clients and our submission of deals that make us faster, more efficient, and client-focused.

The Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker - City Wide Mortgage Services Difference

As a leading mortgage brokerage, we offer clients several financial services to take hold of their dreams. We pride ourselves on being able to find solutions that are far more flexible than the banks. Many of our clients have been told “no” (or have been denied mortgages) by their banks, but when they come to us, we can assure them that they will get their dream home with little to no hassle.

As brokers, we know how to position a deal to lenders in the most beneficial way to get approval. We also have access to over thirty-five banks, many of which our clients will have never heard of. All of these lenders are genuine and have many lending programs and options for our clients.

Besides this, we are also available outside of traditional banking or office hours and are well versed with the mortgage industry. Annually, we fund over $500 million in mortgages under a wide variety of programs. This goes to show that we not only know what we are doing but also but also have the resources to help you obtain your dreams.

Our mortgage efforts have been recognized on several occasions, and we have received many mortgage award nominations over the years. I personally received the Alternative Lender of the Year award in 2019 for my efforts. Being recognized for my work has been very rewarding, but what I really appreciated is my clients’ satisfaction for my services.

The average client reaching out to us is usually looking to buy the average house, which means not every deal is a $12,000,000 home in West Vancouver. Typically, these clients buy an average home, have a normal job, and require help to find the best financial products to overcome their economic restraints. They often find us through realtor referrals and financial planner referrals as trusted and honest brokers who work hard for their clients. And almost every time, we are a perfect match for their needs.

Several of our brokers hold the MBI designation and AMP designation, which are the provincial and national designations. This means that they are well trained and highly qualified to assist home buyers with their various financial needs.

To encourage our staff to put in their best efforts, we offer them several incentives and rewards. Brokers who are the first to hit their targets in the year are provided with a trip. The trip includes all-expense-paid air travel and stay at a hotel during our annual conference. Employees are also given a benefits package covering their dental and medical expenses.

We even have an annual Christmas party for our staff and lending partners (and spouses). During the Christmas party, we book a high-end restaurant and cover the costs for everyone, including their rides home.

The reason why we do this is to encourage our employees to give their best when they come to work. We also want to create a fun and supportive environment for our staff. This, we believe, will help us attract more brokers as we expand our business.

In the coming years, we aim to increase the number of brokers we have on board to fifty. By doing this, we aim to help those that work with us dramatically improve their business and income. We also aim to assist more clients.

In addition to our clients and employees, we also look out for our community. Not too long ago, we helped found The Spirit Foundation, which is a registered charity that gives back to many causes. For this foundation, we are building a legacy fund that will continue to give to charity even after we are gone.

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