How Rising Interest Rates Could Affect Your Mortgage

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It’s official! Interest rates are steadily rising, which could eventually cool down home prices as people’s purchasing power erodes. However, for now, it’s created uncertainty and affected the Stress Test significantly.

The Stress Test was introduced in 2018 and specified that when brokers qualified a borrower, they had to use the GREATER of a mandated qualifying rate (MQR), which is currently 5.25% of the contract rate, plus an additional 2%.

When rates were below 3.25%, no one felt the burden so much since both fixed and variable rates would use the minimum qualifying rate (MQR) of 5.25%.

Unfortunately, since fixed rates are rising and have already reached up to 4.14% at many banks, people must qualify at 6.14% (contract rate plus 2%) instead of 5.25%.

Therefore, people are qualifying for 16.9% less than what they would have got just one month back. In addition, house prices have recently gone up, so it’s a double whammy for home seekers looking to jump on the property ladder.

Act Quickly!

Homeseekers worried about further rate increases should get a pre-approval locked in now to give themselves some time if they’re actively shopping. I can get rates held for 120 days which will save you from having to qualify at an even higher rate in the short term.

So, if you’re looking to secure a mortgage in Vancouver, BC, or are interested to learn more about the rise in interest rates, get in touch with Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker – City Wide Mortgage Services today.

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