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About Surrey:
Surrey BC is the largest city in BC by land mass, and the second most populous city in the province. Sprawling over 316 square kilometers and boasting over 500,000 residence, Surrey is truly growing and becoming recognized as a forward thinking, sustainable community with a focus on technology and innovation. With this high level of population comes a diverse ethnic makeup leading to a myriad of different restaurants, neighborhoods, and businesses.

Large Family Home Financing:
With such a diverse ethnic make up, Surrey BC has many different ethnic groups with their own ways of living and thinking. Many large families will inhabit one larger home, and oftentimes, will need several of the family members on title to qualify for the mortgage. If your family is made up of more than two borrowers, Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker can help. He can provide solutions for a self employed mortgage, private mortgage, and equity mortgage solution.

A History of Great Service:
Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker can say all he wants about great service, but the proof is really in the reviews. Check out his Google Reviews and see what his other customers have been saying about him! If you want the same great service, reach out to Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker at (604) 657-6775.

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