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About Vancouver:

Vancouver BC is the largest Metropolis on the west coast of Canada. Boasting mountain ski resorts 10 minutes away, beaches, waterfront properties, a bustling downtown, and nightlife, it has received global recognition as one of the best cities in the world. Home to 700,000 people in the City of Vancouver, the Greater Vancouver area has a full 2.5 million residents. Culturally diverse and highly dense, the people of Vancouver live on a relatively small peninsula enjoy all the culinary benefits that come from such diversity and density.

Financing High End Homes:

In the lending world, there is something called a “Sliding Scale.” This is where the bank will lend (for example), 80% of the first $1.5M of purchase price and then (for example) 60% of the balance. It is the bank’s way of limiting exposure to high end properties. Well, Vancouver constantly bumps up against all the big banks’ Sliding Scales with homes ranging from just over $1M to $20M or $30M in West Vancouver. Financing these properties is often not done by the banks. Wealthy business owners who need a self employed mortgage, equity mortgage, or private mortgage, often end up with a first-second mortgage combination of bank lending and private lending. Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker has grown his business in Vancouver and is very used to working with the banks and their sliding scale. If your lender is telling you they want to cut back your loan, you should be talking to Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker about his mortgage services and how he can help you work around these issues.

Expect Service, and Demand It:

If you’re buying a home in Vancouver, one of the most expensive markets in the country, you will likely have a very large mortgage. You should demand fast service and easy access to your mortgage broker. Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker will respond to you 7 days a week, and will work hard to get you a timely answer for what is, for most people, the most expensive thing they’ll ever buy. If you want a fast, precise answer, give Rowan a call at 604-657-6775.

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