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About Burnaby:
Burnaby BC boasts a rate fact in that 25% of all land designated as parks and open space. With a major commercial downtown home to many high rises, malls, and businesses, Burnaby BC is home to one of the largest Universities in the province: Simon Fraser University. A hub in the middle of the Greater Vancouver Area, it has major routes in and out of the city both for cars, busses, and the rapid transit system, the Skytrain. Home to over 250,000 people, it is a major hub between Vancouver Proper and the outlying areas.

Refinancing For Education:
As Burnaby BC is home to Simon Fraser University, many parents living in the area will need to refinance their mortgage to pay for their children’s education. Even if those parents need a self employed mortgage, equity mortgage, or private mortgage, Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker has a solution for each of those complex mortgage service solutions.

Don’t Accept “Banker’s Hours” and “Banker’s Service!”
Working with Rowan is not like working with the bank. He doesn’t take 2 days to call you back, and isn’t working for the bank. He works for you. If he doesn’t get a deal approved, then he doesn’t get paid. This lines his incentives up with yours: get you approved at the best rate possible and get you into the home you want. You can expect prompt callbacks and emails from Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker who is available 7 days a week and by appointment in person. Give him a call at 604-657-6775 to experience what it’s like to work with a professional.

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