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About Coquitlam:

Coquitlam BC is the sixth largest city in the province. The first people to live in Coquitlam, some 9,000 years ago, were the Coast Salish people. Simon Fraser, the great explorer, came through in 1808 and after the 1860’s, several Europeans started to settle the area. Following World War 2, the area experience a significant population growth that continues to this day. With over 140,000 people calling Coquitlam BC home, it boasts a significant industrial base, residential population and growing density leading to the rise of several big box stores and shopping districts.

Do You Want A Home On Westwood Plateau?
One of the more prestigious areas of Coquitlam BC is Westwood Plateau. Boasting a beautiful golf course, stunning views of the valley and river, and access to major shopping and schools only moments away, it is a premier living choice for many Canadians. If you want to buy a home in Coquitlam BC, Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker can help. If you need a private mortgage solution, self employed mortgage solution, or equity mortgage solution in Coquitlam BC, give Rowan a call.

Service Is About Attitude:
If you’ve ever had the experience of going to talk to a banker and hearing them hymn and haw and seem to throw up endless obstacles, then dealing with Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker will be a breath of fresh air. Rowan’s job is to make sure your experience is slick, seamless, and that you know he is working FOR you, not against you. Unlike the banker who is protecting the bank’s interest, Rowan is working FOR you Give him a call at 604-657-6775.

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