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About Richmond:
Richmond BC is located on the Pacific Coast and is uniquely an “island city.” Located 20 minutes out of the downtown core of Vancouver, it boast a rich community with every amenity imaginable. With historic communities like Steveston, it still retains much of its culture from the past. Home to over 230,000 people, what was once a small town is now a thriving, diverse community with the largest population of Asian and south Asian people outside of asia.

Farm Land in Richmond:
Despite being a major city, Richmond is home to several large acreage properties and neighborhoods. Still in the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve0 the city has imposed limits on what you can build on these properties. You need to work with a broker that knows the area and knows these limitations so you can ensure that buying that large agricultural property within the city limits doesn’t adversely affect what you can built. Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker can provide advice on getting solutions for a self employed mortgage, equity mortgage, or private mortgage.

Offshore Income:
Many banks don’t lend based on offshore income. Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker works with several offshore banks from Asia and South Asia to provide a lending solution where Canada’s big banks may not. If you have offshore income, assets, or just want to have a second opinion given, give Rowan a call at 604-657-6775.

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