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About Aldergrove:
Located within the Township of Langley, Aldergrove is home to over 15,000 with a diverse ethnic makeup. Home to the A&E show “Bates Motel” the community of Aldergrove is rife with historic buildings. The downtown centre of Aldergrove is much the same as it was before but perhaps full of some newer businesses and restaurants. Home to the Otter Co-Op Outdoor Water experience, there are lots of a small-town elements to Aldergrove while it remains only a short distance from Vancouver. Residents of Aldergrove BC also enjoy a much lower cost of living while being close enough to enjoy the benefits of the big cty.

Agricultural Experts:
Doing loans on properties that are in the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve), zoned agricultural, or large acreages can be difficult. Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker has over 20 years of banking and brokering experience and can assist you with purchasing, refinancing, or anything else that is needed. He has access to private mortgage solutions, equity mortgage solutions, or self employed mortgage solutions for all agricultural needs.

Let Us Earn Your Trust!
Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker at City Wide Mortgage Services is the trusted broker for many hundreds of families. He has funded hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages, and with his experience and clear manner of explaining the process, will make you mortgage experience seamless. Give him a call at 604-657-6775.

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