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About South Surrey:
South Surrey BC is located on the Semiahmoo Peninsula with the City of Surrey in BC. It borders White Rock and the City of Surrey proper. A largely urban community, well developed, with many amenities and restaurants available. With a population of over 25,000 residents, it is largely a suburban area with a diverse ethnic make up.

Your Home, Your Castle:
If you’ve been wanting to get into a single family detached home, South Surrey BC is a great place to do so. With a tight knit community and active community groups, you can be sure you’re moving to a municipality that your family will love. If you need assistance with a self employed mortgage, equity mortgage, or private mortgage to buy your home in South Surrey, Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker can help. When it’s time to buy your castle in South Surrey, contact him for help in walking through the mortgage process.

Access to Rowan:
Unlike many brokers who work 9-5 Monday to Friday, Rowan makes himself available to you 7 days a week, by phone, and by appointment in person. He is available by text, email, fax, phone, in person, and all forms of social media. If you need him, reach out for a call at 604-657-6775.

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