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About Fort Langley:
Fort Langley BC is often called the “Birthplace of BC,” as it was first incorporated in 1873. Fort Langley boasts the historic Fort as well as a small and quaint downtown area that has been lovingly restored to look and feel like the small frontier town that is was. With over 130,000 residents, the properties in Fort Langley range from new and modern condos, to historic farms, to absolutely one-of-a-kind river waterfronts worth millions. Close enough to get into the downtown of Vancouver in under 45 minutes, the cost of living is significantly less than Vancouver.

Where To Move Your Family:
If the city living has become too rushed, cramped, or just “not for you” then Fort Langley BC is the perfect place for you. If you need help with an equity mortgage, private mortgage, or self employed mortgage, Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker is well positioned to provide you with best advice and products in the industry. If you’re looking to relocate your family to somewhere that has the “small town vibe” while only being a 10 minute drive to the major stores, Fort Langley BC is for you.

Heritage Properties:
Fort Langley BC boasts a number of properties that are on the Heritage Registry. What you can do with these properties is limited, and you should speak to Rowan Smith Mortgage Broker to see if he can help you finance and refurbish your historical home. Give him a call at 604-657-6775!

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