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About Langley City:
At the heart of Langley is Langley City. Broken off from the Township, it comprises the downtown core of the historic Langley City. Having grown up to be a larger city, it now boasts malls, auto malls, big box stores, chain restaurants, and every amenity that you could ever want. With 25,000 people living within the relatively small confines geographically, many people looking for a lower cost of living have been moving out of Vancouver and finding their way to Langley City BC.

Condo Financing in Langley City:
Langley City BC has been revitalized, and the surrounding areas have recently had a lot of development in condominiums and townhouses. As density increased in the area, more and more borrowers have been reaching out for a private mortgage, equity mortgage, or self employed mortgage. Rowan can provide you with traditional mortgage services as well as some unconventional solutions. Getting financing on a condo is different than a house due to the restrictions of living within a strata. There are a variety of extra documents and forms that you’ll need to collect and Rowan can walk you through the process to make it painless.

Self Employed in Langley City?
Langley City BC boasts a high number of self employed borrowers and some of them are “tax efficient” making lending more challenging. If you or someone you know is self employed and needs a self employed mortgage in Langley City BC, Rowan is the man for the job and can help. Give him a call at 604-657-6775!

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